I spent most of my adult life as a elementary school teacher. I always had an infinity for working with children.  They make me laugh and smile.  I loved helping them make connections and advance their thinking while creating a fun classroom to explore and create.

I have taught in the Education Dept. in Higher ED.  The last half of my career's work was focused on teaching teachers and principals around best instructional practices.

Music & Comedy

In my 20's I performed in a variety of improv groups and garnered some small roles on TV.

I have always found inspiration in music and spent a lifetime turing people on to singer-songwriters.

Now we host house concerts in our home and I have even found my way back to songwriting and performing.  Pushing myself to do this felt like what I imagine Bunji jumping would feel like.

Family Life

I make my home here in Northeast Los Angeles with my husband Tony and four dogs.

We all just survived a year and a half house extension/remodel.

I retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District closing the chapter on 39 years of public service to public education.  I enjoy being home with the family

About Seth

I have been offering my services as a psychic, medium since 2011.

I always known that I have known things from spirit ever since I was young, but I never really understood it until much later in life.  I was drawn

to the psychic  and spiritual arena from a very early age.  This led me to becoming a voracious reader on all things spiritual and psychic. 

I was at a friends party back in 2011 and somehow found myself doing readings for her guests.  Each guest validated the accuracy of their reading.  It was at this point I knew I had to pay disciplined attention to this gift.

I found talented mediums to study with and eventually came out of the psychic closet.

When clients come see me, I ask them not to share anything about themselves with me.

I am directed by spirit to deliver messages to the sitter.  Often times I am answering the questions they came with prior to them asking them.

I work primarily with four Archangels and Spirit Guides. I get my messages through, clairvoyance (seeing), claircognizance (knowing) clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling).

Through spirit, angels, departed loved ones, I am able to provide evidence based information for my client.

It is truly an honor and a privilege to either sit with you in person or over the phone.  It is a treat for me to be of service and help pave the way for a life of love, light and clarity for all of those who seek out my services.

More About Seth
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